Waterbidge Plate Warmer

warm plates for every occasion

Simple and easy to use

Waterbidge Plate Warmer

Keeps Food hot longer

Functional and Fashionable

Waterbridge Plate Warmer

A perfect gift for any occasion

A Serving Tradition Since 1997

keeps food hot, longer

The best restaurants know that serving warm dishes on hot plates keeps food warmer and enhances food presentation, taste, and dining experience.

This is how Mom kept plates Hot!!


Simply plug it in prior to meal preparation.

Reaches a temperature of 160F / 71C degrees in minutes.

A thermostatically controlled electric heating pad safely
heats up to 15 plates (large) or 6 plates (small) to a hot and comfortable temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, 71 degrees Celsius in minutes.

Insulated Base Pad Protects all Tabletop Surfaces

There is no chipping or
cracking from heating plates in an oven, microwave or dishwasher and it also frees
up space in the oven.

Covers 95% of plate's surface area

Keeps the outer edge of the plate slightly cooler to make it easier to handle.

A superior quality look and feel with no quilted stitching

Removable slip covers protect fine bone china and everyday casual dinnerware plates. Easy to wash or clean. Made with high quality weighted cotton fabric or polyester and stitched with no visible seams.

An all occasion gift

For those who have a passion for culinary arts, entertaining guests, organizing dinner parties, and elevating the aesthetic appeal of their dining experience

10 year warranty

Includes a clear compact zipper bag for safe storage. Manufactured and assembled in North America since 1997. Provides a 10-year limited warranty.


a warm touch to serving plates on any occasion

Suzanne initially conceived of the Waterbridge Plate Warmer in 1996, inspired by an incident where her Mother accidentally burned her hand while removing plates from a crammed oven filled with casserole dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.

Her Mother-in-Law received an earlier version of a plate warmer made by Norjac, based in New York, as a wedding gift in the late 50's which sat on her kitchen countertop for everyday use and was moved onto the dining room table to serve Sunday dinners.

Suzanne scoured the market but could not find a plate warmer for her Mother, which propelled her journey to be the leading provider of tabletop plate warmers in North America!

Happy Customers
The plate warmers are beautiful... just like you said.... Thanks very much, you have made six gals very happy.
— Maggie
Received very promptly. Many thanks for your great product and such quick turnaround. It's a gift for my Mom, who bought one for me last Christmas. Thought she deserved to have her 40 year old plate warmer replaced with a new one!
— Shelly
Suzanne, thanks for the info. Plate warmer arrived yesterday, just in time for a dinner party, and it worked great! I appreciate your follow-thru.
— John
Thanks so much. That’s exactly what I need. By the way, I’m VERY happy with my purchase and I use it whenever we entertain!
— Sandy
Dear Plate Warmer staff, Just to let you know that I have just received my order! All is perfect! :) Thank you very much!
— Deca
Waterbridge. Both of the plate warmers that I recently ordered from you have arrived and I am very pleased with them as well as my business dealings with your company. Looking forward to using mine and giving the other one to our daughter for her birthday. I'm sure that as my friends see mine you will be receiving more orders. Thanks again.
— Joanne
That is superior customer service - thank you. This present is for my mom. She and my dad live in Colorado and are coming to Iowa on the 17th for an early Christmas with their kids, grandkids etc before they head to California for the winter. My mom does lots of entertaining and has always admired the plate warmers. I will be so pleased to get it to her in time for her to take it to California and show it off to all their fellow retirees. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
— Chris
Just wanted to write and say I used the plate warmer today for Thanksgiving Dinner. I was very pleased! Looking forward to the microwave pad for heating bowls! Thank you!
— Debbie
Suzanne, the plate warmer was a huge success as a present for my mother's birthday. She uses it EVERY day for her dinner plates. Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
— Claire
Suzanne, my order has arrived safe and sound and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'll certainly be recommending your site to my family and friends! Thank you very much! :-)
— Helen
Suzanne: I just talked with my son and he said the plate warmer for Mishon arrived today -- On her birthday. Great timing and thank you so much.
— KD
Suzanne, It is so nice to deal with a human being who understands alternative needs. Please process the second order--I will send back the first when it gets here and enjoy having one of your plate warmer's for my daughter's birthday and first Thanksgiving celebration in her new home. Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
— Valeria
The package arrived yesterday and I am quite pleased with the quality. It will be a birthday present for my cousin who always claims that food cools too quickly because the plates are cold. If she is satisfied I will order again. Thank you.
— Maria
Suzanne, thanks so much for rushing the second plate warmer to me. It arrived on Wednesday morning in time for our birthday celebration that evening. My friends were thrilled with the gifts! I appreciated your great customer service--you saved the day! Best regards,
— Beverly